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Post by amazingandre on Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:50 pm

i am going to do a mock pretending J stew and mendenhall are gone

1) Brandon Flowers- Has GREAT speed and agility. He is a tad small but can bulk up to match those bigger wr's. He a very hard hitter with a nose for the ball. Has great range and can move to safety IF WE NEED HIM TO. He will start out as a cb and we will decide if he needs to move later.

3) Steve Slaton- Say what you will but he was a top prospect before this injured plagued season. Can get to top speed very quick and moves laterally well and can one cut and go. Blocking needs to be improved as well as upper body strength. Great YAC with amazing open field moves. Has good hands and a nose for the endzone. He is a good character guy too.

one cut and go-
great outside speed-
a mix-

4) Darrell Robertson- Very quick de with great hand placement. he is an excellent pass rusher from the outside. He can bulk up quite a bit as long as he maintains the speed he has. He is suppose to run a 4.7 40.

he stays with the play and uses his speed-

5) Duane Brown- Very quick and agile for a 300 pound LT. He is expected to run a 4.9 40 which is quick for a big guy. He plays inconsistent at times and needs to be developed some. Thats where Gibbs comes in. He can help this kid reach his potential.

6) Nick Hayden- A high motored DT. He doesnt give up on plays and has above average strength. He isn't going to blow people away at the combine and isnt great at anything but is good at EVERYTHING. He can come in and see some action later in the season if he works hard.

7) Ryan Wendell- A center with great technique. He can withstand bull rushes and stop them. He is good at run blocking and seals off gaps nicely. He will work nice in the ZBS if Gibbs shows him the way. He needs to get a tad stronger but because we run ZBS its not the ened of the world if he doesnt. A 4-year starter at guard and center. So if there a innjuries he can play either position.

Please leave thoughts and comments!!!!!

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