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Williams and Jones want out Empty Williams and Jones want out

Post by amazingandre on Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:39 pm

ALLEN PARK -- Neither player will say it publicly, but two of Detroit's best offensive players -- receiver Roy Williams and running back Kevin Jones -- are counting the days until they can leave Detroit.

While the losing seasons have taken their toll on the two players, there are other reasons why they want to leave the Lions organization and their motives aren't exactly the same.

Williams and Jones, who were both first-round draft picks in 2004, will become unrestricted free agents after next season and sources close to the players say they've had enough and want out.

Williams, who could miss the final four games of the regular season with a knee sprain, is averaging almost three yards less per catch than he did last season - his 16.0-yard average in 2006 is down to 13.3 yards this year.

At one time, Williams embraced the teaching of coordinator Mike Martz and even endured his sometimes abrasive coaching style, but that situation has changed. Williams has offered thinly veiled criticisms recently of Detroit's offensive game plan and his role in it.

Still, the overriding factor for Williams is that he simply wants to go home - or get closer to it.

The one thing you learn about Williams very quickly is that he loves Texas and would love to return to his home state. Williams is a Texas guy and mentions it in nearly every interview and flies back to his home in Odessa to see his young child every chance he gets. If the Lions get two consecutive days off, Williams bolts for Texas. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it shows where his heart is.

Last week, Williams brought up his contract situation out of the blue and said he didn't know what his future holds. Williams quickly added that every player wants to stay with the team that originally drafted him but added "It's hard to do now with free agency.''

The situation with Jones is a little different because his entire motivation for leaving is centered on his diminished role in the offense. Jones has become a non-factor with the Lions; he's carried the ball more than 20 times just once all season - his only 100-yard game (in the win at Chicago).

If the Lions make some changes in their offensive philosophy, Jones wouldn't be as adamant about leaving but his frustration level is currently off the charts. Jones believes he's wasting his time with a team that doesn't want to use him and would prefer to suit up for a club that needs a back who actually runs the ball.

The irony of the situation with these two players is that Williams and Jones have been at odds since they had a sideline blowup in Chicago in 2005. There is no longer any outward animosity, but they're hardly the best of friends. Still, they're wishing the best for each other going into next year.

Williams is hoping Jones has a Pro Bowl season in 2008 because if the Lions are going to use the franchise tag on somebody, Williams doesn't want to be the one. Jones is thinking the same thing about Williams; Jones wants to have a breakout season but he doesn't want to get franchised as a result.

At this point, it's highly unlikely that either player would get hit with the franchise tag because of the huge salaries that are involved. The Lions, though, aren't in a position where they can afford to lose any talented players so they might not have a choice.

Williams and Jones have contemplated ways to engineer a quicker exit out of town -- trade demands, holdouts, etc. -- but they don't have any leverage so it's unlikely to happen.

Don't be surprised, though, if the Lions ultimately attempt to trade one or both of the players. While the front office will do everything it can to make them happy and productive -- and win a few games in the process (which will make everybody happy) -- they know it's a battle they might not be able to win.

Williams and Jones aren't likely to admit it publicly, but neither one of them believes their long-term future will be in Detroit.


welcome to Houston Williams......id take him

Williams and Jones want out Okoyesigyg7
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Williams and Jones want out Empty Re: Williams and Jones want out

Post by Yosarian on Sun Dec 09, 2007 3:40 am

If we could get Williams..that would be so sweet! He is a Texan , after all and belongs here!

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